The Toasts!

After the first dance, the DJ introduced my pastor to do the blessing.

Following the blessing, my dad did a little welcome speech. He thanked everyone for coming...

...and told everyone that after I made my "I will only marry a boy who..." list in high school (and modified following boyfriends), he and my mom thought I would never be leaving home.

But then he added that he was surprised that I found it all in John, and they were proud of us. Plus, the fact that John's family was nice was a big bonus for everyone...

Next up was the Maid of Honor speech. Amanda (and Ben) seriously made the BEST speech ever. I am going to have to try and get the speech from her..

In the beginning, she started out with how she met John and he was riding his stupid little pocket rocket and she thought he was so goofy.

Then Amanda and I met and we bonded over Cinderella, etc.

Amanda wrapped it up by saying that she was so happy that I found my Prince Charming.. even if he was riding a pocket rocket, not a white horse. It was GOOD! Sweet connection at the end to the beginning!

Toasting with our flutes (that originally held candles- John got them for me for Valentine's Day last year!).

Justin was up last with his best man's speech. It was... a bit less prepared than Amanda's- as in, he was writing it on a napking that morning in the hotel..

Justin was funny though, telling stories about when they met when they were little (even though John doesn't remember that), and then when John met me, he showed Justin my senior picture... Justin was a bit afraid.

But even though I was a scary hockey player, I make him happy, blah blah blah..

The end.

Pictures by Keira Lemonis.

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