The Cake Cutting

Eventually, our DJ (Paul Malo) invited us to do the cake cutting. We had NO idea what to do for this, or how to do it, and Keira was awesome... I asked her what we should do and she just set us up perfectly and took a couple of pictures...

...then we went at it.

And stuffed each others faces.

After we stuffed each others faces, John wiped frosting on my nose, so I had to get him back.

Overall he was pretty good though. I was pretty nervous that he would stuff the whole piece into my face.

And our pretty cvake was destroyed :(

I've got to say- I LOVED our cake. It was so pretty.. and tasted SO good. Amy was awesome. She let us make up our flavors (top- chocolate w/chocolate mousse (and chocolate chips in there, middle- Boston creme, bottom- white w/strawberry filling), and not only that, but she customized her buttercream recipe to match John's mom's recipe that he loves.

The only thing that was a little sad was that cake was just brought out to people and they didn't get to choose their flavor. I had thought that the cake was going to just be laid out onto a table and people could choose their own flavor. Oh well.. I got what I wanted at least :-P

All pictures by Keira Lemonis.

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