Steal of the Day

This afternoon I went to Bed Bath & Beyond to get a few finishing things from our registry. While I was there, I browsed the clearance rack and saw this beauty:
Right on the front of it was a lovely red sticker. It had been priced $100 --> $50 -->$25--> $12.50. Holy crap! $12.50!? Wanna know why? A little, bitty chip on the side of it! Hello! At my house with a chip, it will fit right in! And besides.. it is RED... if you haven't noticed by now that I enjoy red, you might be the most dense person ever.

So I grabbed that sucker up. At the register, the cashier rang it up for $12.48 and I proudly handed over my (six) 20% off coupons... bringing the total for the platter down to $10.. that's right.. TEN DOLLARS for the beautious red and white platter that costs $100. It pays to collect every BBB coupon that comes through this house :)

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