Future LEED AP..

..right here. With 2 months of a LOT of studying. :(

Sunday May 17 at 3:30 PM I will take the test. My appointment is for 2.5 hours. Yikes. I hope it doesn't actually take that long.

When I pass (which I darn well better the first time- $300/test!), I will be a LEED AP- able to write LEED reports, etc. I will have my first set of letters after my name!

LEED is a rating system to determine how sustainable/environmentally friendly a building is. Since I am an interior designer, I will be taking the test that relates to Commercial Interiors. A building/space has to qualify for a certain number of credits, which are gained through environmentally friendly practices/sustainable materials, etc, in order to become a LEED certified building.

I've already written a report, so hopefully this helps me with studying! I am a terrible test-studier- pray that I can focus for this!

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