Bathroom Rules..

Has it ever really been necessary to discuss bathroom rules? I feel like they have always been implied- when you first start going into public bathrooms with your parents, you get the gist of what does, and doesn't, happen.

There is a lady in the office across from mine whose office shares the bathroom with mine. She makes me SO uncomfortable!

It all started with the phone. Yes, the phone. She is almost ALWAYS on the phone while using the bathroom. Its not like she is just standing in the vestibule to get out of the office.. no, she is chatting. I have even heard her making business (ha! no pun intended) calls while using the bathroom. Then she has to holler to be heard over the flushes.

Eventually I realized that she uses the phone in the bathroom and nothing is going to change that. That is when I started noticing the noises. Grunts and groans coming from her end of the bathroom. GAG ME.

On top of all of this, she apparently does not get ready for work at home. At approximately 10 am every morning, enter the bathroom and you will find this lady brushing her teeth, gelling her hair, brushing it, applying makeup, etc. Brushing teeth I could understand- maybe she had coffee breath. But doing her hair? Makeup? Its not even hat season anymore- no excuses for why her hair is messed up.

To top all of this off, last week while I was washing my hands (not on the phone, thank you), she comes FLYING into the bathroom. I thought she was about to be sick, or have an accident. Nope.. apparently she just doesn't know the rule about heading to the bathroom BEFORE you are about to bust.. Good gravy.

My co-workers are also made uncomfortable by the bathroom lady. Some have started going elsewhere to use the facilities. At least now when I hear chatting from the bathroom, I know that our key opens the bathroom on the floor below us...

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