Every week on Sunday, I make a big batch of something for lunch all week. I add to this a veggie of some sort (carrots & fat free ranch dressing, a cucumber, etc) and a snack that is around 100 calories (100 cal pack of chips/cookies, homemade cookies, trail mix, etc).

I package up the entire lunch (in re-usable containers!) and then the night before, or even morning of if I forget the night before, I can just grab all of the components to my breakfast, lunch and snacks and go!

Last week for lunch I made a delicious concoction: asparagus rolled up in turkey with strawberry jelly & gorgonzola crumbles. I had 3 of these each day, but since they were so low in calories, I also had a couple of club crackers (yum!) and Alouette/garlic herb cheese spread.

I adapted this from Au Bon Pain's Perfect Portions. They use cranberry chutney, but I just used strawberry jelly since that's what I have.

Spreading on the strawberry jelly.

The finished rollups. Yum.

My crackers in their containers.

All in all, this lunch was about 300 calories. And it was super filling!

Turkey Asparagus Wraps

Makes 1 lunch serving.

3 stems (stalks?) of asparagus, steamed
1 tbsp strawberry jelly
6 slices low fat, deli turkey breast
3 tbsp gorgonzola crumbles

1- Lay out double layers of the turkey breast- you should have 3 sets of turkey.
2- Spread 1/3 tbsp of jelly on each stack of turkey
3- Put a stem of asparagus on each stack at the edge of the turkey.
4- Spread 1 tbsp of gorgonzola on each stack.
5- Wrap and pack!

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