I went to the doctor today. He thought that my Shred-induced headache was due to pulling or straining a muscle/tendon or something in my neck/head connection. He gave me a prescription for a stronger advil to take twice a day for two weeks.

I also got a referral to a sports medicine doctor for my hip. For several (3-4) years now, my left hip freezes/gets stuck/aches when I put pressure on it after sitting for a half hour +. Hopefully this dude can figure out what it is and then rehab it or whatever. I just have to call for the appointment...

Also, in news about my co-worker's parents, they have arrested 4 people in her dad's murder & they are all going to be charged with capital murder. Since they all have priors, they can face the death penalty. They have not yet been charged with the attack on her mom, but they will. Since her mom didn't give a statement to the police (they were able to piece it together without since she doesn't remember), she won't have to testify. Also, all of the people are being tried separately, which makes a better chance to get them all, but will be a lot for my co-worker & her family to go through.

The people that have been charged are gang members, though the police are saying that it was not a gang-related attack, just a burglary. My co-worker's mom is doing much better and will be released this weekend!

Meredith  – (April 28, 2009 at 9:31 PM)  

I'm glad to hear that some justice will come out of such a horrific event.

Hope your headache can be figured out!

Anonymous –   – (April 28, 2009 at 9:52 PM)  

I'm glad you went to the doc to see what's up. I was worried about you!

And I'm very glad they caught the guys who killed your co-workers dad. That is such a horrible thing! Hopefully they will get what they deserve. Hang in there!

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