So.. I've been neglectful lately. Here is the run down:

1- We got the house. After only a couple of back & forths, the sellers gave us a price that we are (very) happy about. Not only are we getting an awesome price, but they are paying our closing costs for us.

2- Our parents all came to check out the house and our dads both seem very excited. Bonus.

3- The inspection went well. The inspector seemed very impressed with the house and says that it is very structurally sound. For the most part, the only things that he found wrong were cosmetic. There is an oil tank for the furnace buried outside, which we would like fixed though. When the house was built, this was to code, but now it is not. We want them to bring up the oil tank so that we won't have to deal with any leaking issues in the future.. It may be a long shot though, so we will see.

4- We gave our notice to the apartment complex that we are moving! If they can rent out our apartment before we leave (Sept 1), then we don't have to pay the two months rent! Since we had our closing arranged to be 60 days, we have a little extra time for the complex to find a renter.

5- On Monday I was on the metro when there was the metro accident. I was on a different train, going a different direction, but I was only a couple of stops away from the accident. Of course, at first no one really knew what was going on.

I was stuck at a metro stop in DC for probably a half hour or so right after the accident and then they go shuttle service going. I had to take the metro one more stop to a stop that had bus service. I was very lucky to get on the first shuttle that showed up. There were SO many people all trying to get on there, much pushing & shoving, etc.

When we were getting on the shuttle, no one knew where we were headed.. including the driver. Before we left, the supervisor must have told him where we were going though. We ended up stopping at each metro stop that the train would have gone to. Of course, we had to go past the accident site, so for awhile we were stuck in horrible traffic with the emergency vehicles, media, spectators, etc. Eventually we got to my stop and I got right on my bus and headed home. 3 hours later, I got home. Whew!

Make sure to check out my menu plan tomorrow- its going to be a good week. :)

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