Painting - Check!

Friday night after work, I went up to join John at the house. He had left work early to meet the Comcast installer (no show.. surprise surprise- we officially hate Comcast.. I wish we had another choice) and put up the first coat of the ceiling paint. It was a HUGE difference! When I got there, he did the second coat and I did the trim. We worked till 11 pm to get it done because... Saturday was painting day!!

Living Room by you.
The ceiling after some paint.. check out that color difference! The ceiling used to be the same color as the walls.. which I think used to be white. Gross.

Living room by you.
John getting ready to start taping off our new fresh ceiling for the next day's activities.

Kitchen by you.
The kitchen ceiling did not get done at the same time- check out that difference!

Friday night, I also did 2 coats of the Virginia Tech orange for the office.

Office by you.

Saturday morning, Tom & Amy and Ben & Amanda showed up and we all got to painting!

Living Room by you.
The living room!

John painting the dining room by you.
John doing some cutting in around the living room.

Tom painting the guest bedroom by you.
Tom painting the gray of the guest room.

Ben painting the guest bedroom by you.
Ben painting in the guest room.

Master Bedroom by you.
The master bedroom in progress, thanks to Amanda & Amy!

Guest Bedroom by you.
Ta da! The guest room is all painted!

Master Bedroom by you.
And so is the master bedroom!

Amy painting the walls in the hallway. by you.
Amy & Amanda painting in the hallway.

Office by you.
The office all done! No... we are not Miami fans.. the green trim came with the house :-/

On Sunday we painted the kitchen and bathroom.

new kitchen walls by you.

A quick before & after


wall to the kitchen from the living room before by you.

what I saw when I xame home from work... a lot of extra wires. by you.

After (for now):
clean kitchen ceiling & walls! by you.

bathroom painted by you.

Monday I painted the closets. (sorry no pictures of the inside of the closets- they are very exciting).

The only painting that is left is all of the trim. And I mean All. Of. It. All the windows, doors, baseboards/shoe moulding, crown moulding in the bedrooms- everything. Yay.. We are going to tackle that slowly- room by room on the weekends.

Oh... did I mention why we worked so hard to get this done this weekend? The guys are coming today to refinish the wood floors! Today they will be sanding and then sanding the floors. Tomorrow and Thursday they will be applying the 2 coats of polyurethane and then it will be set for us to move in on Saturday!

Justine  – (September 8, 2009 at 5:56 PM)  

It looks SO GOOD!!!! I can't wait to see the final, FINAL product!! You guys have been busy!!

La Nouvelle Femme  – (September 8, 2009 at 9:33 PM)  

The rooms look amazing! I love the crown molding too, can't wait to see how it looks once you paint it. :)

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