Happy Halloween!

Halloween 2005:

John decided last minute that he wanted to dress up as Ronald McDonald, so I sewed this costume out of ponchos and red duct tape. He creeps me out. I was Cinderella in my old prom dress.
I carved Cinderella's castle and John carved a VT. My castle was falling apart. :(

Halloweeen 2006:

John made this skull.

I made Gus from Cinderella. My family cat's name is Gus. (Notice a Cinderella theme? Yes, my cat Jaq was named after the OTHER mouse in the movie...)

Halloween 2007:

John carved the Frankenstein, I did the black cat (in honor of Gus who had spent the week in the hospital) and Amanda did the Buzz Lightyear- sick eh?

Halloween 2008:

My black kitty with the pumpkins.
I have no idea what we carved and can't find any pictures. Oh well.

Halloween 2009:

Nada.. We have the pumpkins, but we never ended up carving them. Boo!

Meredith  – (November 2, 2009 at 9:43 AM)  

Our Halloween was pretty much a bust this year too :(

I actually kind of think the most fun is staying home for the trick or treaters...we just didn't really have any this year!

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