Menu Plan Monday

We did bad last week.. I just wasn't motivated and we ended up without a menu plan. This week the majority of our meals are coming from a cookbook I got at the library- The Better Homes & Gardens Dieter's Cookbook. I love that it includes the calorie count for each meal!


Sweet & Sour Turkey

Florentine Quiche

Garlic Pork
Egg Noodles

Turkey with basil cream sauce
Green Beans

Friday- Ben's "Birthday" Supper (My parents, Ben and Amanda, and Amanda's parents will be joining us)
Crockpot scalloped & cheesy potatoes and ham
Veggie (from Amanda)
Bread of some sort (from my mom)
Dessert from Amanda

Into DC for the Caps game.. I don't know if we will eat there or what.

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