1- We had a super productive weekend. Saturday I attended the aforementioned step aerobics class (with a bunch of old ladies), then after a quick shower, I headed to another town to get an oil change, car wash and make a couple of Christmas returns. I got John two pairs of jeans from Kohl's and then I went to Target and got a bunch of Rubbermaid tubs to store our Christmas decorations.

2- While I was running errands all day Saturday, John was at the lumberyard! He picked up a BUTTLOAD of wood so he can start our shelves in the shop downstairs! As I "speak" he is down there putting up all of the supports. Before too long, we will have storage for our tools and a place to work at. Eventually the same thing will be done to the room at the bottom of the stairs to create a pantry for bulk goods and decor storage!

3- Yesterday I completed one of my January goals and reorganized the guest room. I needed the storage containers from Target in order to do this. It feels SO much better in there now. I picked up/organized all of the Christmas wrapping materials and then moved the bed. It used to stick out into the middle of the room and there just wasn't adequate space for that. I shoved the bed into the corner against the wall and now the floor space is open for my stationary bike and for me to shred.

4- Due to two (or three) of my OTHER January goals (>>) I lost THREE pounds in the last week! I have been working out and counting calories, and it is paying off!

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