So you know how yesterday I said the power came back on after an hour and a half? Well... around 8:30 it went back off. For good. We were a transformer blow.

We sat around staring at each other for awhile and then John decided to go to bed since he was tired. I finished reading a book by candlelight.

It got COLD overnight. I had my hoodie on my head and a couple extra blankets. Jaq was curled up super tight (he usually sprawls out) and didn't leave our legs all night. By the time we got up in the morning (around 9 or so) the house was 45 degrees. Awesome.

We got out of bed just to bundle up on the sofa and stare at each other some more. It was too cold to take my hands out of the blanket so I could even read! We had enough of that after awhile and decided to see how the roads were and head out to get my car gas and go grocery shopping... someplace with heat!

The roads were all fine! We got lucky. Food Lion was nice and warm and Pizza Hut was open. We got a pizza to bring home and prayed we would have heat when we got home. We didn't. Almost right after we got home though the power truck pulled up in front of our house and about 15 minutes later- ELECTRICITY! The house is now (an hour and a half later) 63 degrees and it feels awesome.

Now that it is warming up in here, it means that I have to be productive. Poop.

I will:
-finish painting the trim in the guest room
-possibly clean up the trim and caulk it
-put the guest room back together

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