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So I realize that it is getting towards the end of April and I never updated on my March goals, nor did I post April goals. For the most part I completed all of my March goals- the baby shower went off, I studied and I worked out. I did not; however count calories, or workout as much as I would have liked.

April has been the same. I completed the exam, which was my main goal for the month. I have been going to my 8:30 am Saturday step aerobics class. For the spring session I signed up for ANOTHER aerobics class! I am now officially taking 3+ hours a week of aerobics classes.

...and I'm liking it. WHHHHATT? Who AM I!? I'm actually starting to look forward to them! The Tuesday/Thursday class (the new one) is not really what I was expecting and is much less intense that I had hoped. I often feel like my idol Kelly Kapowski (minus the sweet thong leotard and tights), jumping around and "dancing" but I am still getting my heart rate up and lifting weights, so I guess that is what matters.

Since the class is less intense than I would like, I have been forcing myself to jump a little higher or move double time. When it comes to the weight lifting portion, I use a heavier weight since it is a shorter amount of time.

SO that is the state of my workouts. Forced 3x per week and liking it. I can't believe myself. Now to just work on adding in the calorie count daily... I'm getting there...

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