Yesterday while I was at work, I got a phone call from an Edible Arrangements dude that he was at my house! Of course I wasn't there and since it is SO hot, he didn't want to leave it out and brought it back to the store. I got there after they closed yesterday, so John picked it up for me today.

YUM! I love Edible Arrangements! My mom got me one last year when I passed the LEED exam. The chocolate covered pieces are SO GOOD. This one was from Ben & Amanda- they are the best!!

THEN today when I was at work, the admin staff brought two HUGE bags. Inside? 3 dozen cupcakes from the AWESOME cupcake bakery, Hello Cupcake, down the block. Seriously- they are SO good. My mom sent them for me to share with the office. Everyone loved them and my boss made sure to tell everyone that my mom sent them to celebrate me passing the exam (which I'm sure was my mom's plan).

(These are the few that I brought home for John & I.)

THEN later in the morning/afternoon, I got another call from a delivery person- this time a florist telling me that he left a bouquet with my neighbor across the street. I could not figure out who was sending me something NOW. They are from John's parents! :) She sent these wicked pretty (orange and maroon- go Hokies!) flowers. I Love them. And the orange vase is perfect.

Good gravy. I have been so spoiled! This weekend we were camping (perfect timing after getting my scores) and John spoiled me with a couple suppers out (usually we just cook at the site), homemade ice cream from a local shop, fudge and chocolate covered cherries from the popcorn/fudge shop.

How awesome, eh?
(Oh and to top it off... tonight my official certificate number was posted online!)

Mrs. Bear  – (July 8, 2010 at 1:35 PM)  

What great gifts from your loved ones!! Mmmm Edible Arrangements and cupcakes. I am jealous =0) Congrats!

Faith  – (July 8, 2010 at 7:53 PM)  

Such awesome gifts! I love when family lets you know how much you are loved! Congrats again!

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