Hampton Beach VACAY

For our beach vacation this year we skipped Virginia Beach and went north to Hampton Beach (NH).It was.... and interesting trip for sure.

We were planning on leaving early early Friday morning to head to Mass (where the campground was), but that same day Hurricane Earl was planning to make his New England landfall. Awesome. Yeah.. we camp in a tent. I didn't want to weather a hurricane (HEY-O!) in a tent. We decided to head to my parents' in NY and then follow them to Mass on Saturday morning.

Thursday night at softball John broke out his temporary crown. A call the the dentist's emergency number went received no response. The next morning we stayed home waiting to call the dentist again during office hours- no answer. We ended up calling 4 or 5 different local dentists to try and get them to fix the giant hole in his mouth. We even tried my old dentist in NY since we were going up there. No dice.We decided to deal and head out. Guess when the dentist called back? Yeah.. as soon as we were about 45 minutes away with no intention of turning back. I will just say that I plan on finding a new dentist...

Friday we got to NY, went out to eat and saw my grandma. Saturday morning we got up and left for Mass relatively early. That was uneventful. After setting up camp, 

My parents' mini-camper.

Our bitty tent.

 we headed out for the first of many meals out. (OH New England eating! I <3 you!) BROWN'S! I haven't been in YEARS and was so excited. My meal was delicious (fried clams & onion rings), John got fish & chips and enjoyed as well. We followed up with HODGIES ice cream. SO GOOD.

Anywhosers, that night sitting around the fire, John started to feel... not so good. Long story short- fish & chips = food poisoning & puking ALL NIGHT LONG. I don't "do" puke. I pretended I didn't know him. I am a terrible wife. I can't deal with it though. He slept in the car because he was worried about not being able to get out of the tent in time. It was cold. I didn't know where he was & thought he was dead until I ran into him while walking around the campground at 3 am. He was alive.ish,

Sunday I started out w/a trip to the grocery store for some essentials: saltines and gatorade. We chilled all day. And slept. Since there was none of that the night before.

John read a book. He doesn't like to admit that he likes to read now.

I got him hooked on the "Left Behind" books. They are addictive and a series. He is now on book SIX (SIX!) since July. OMG. That is the most books he has read probably in his life combined.

Sunday night we went out to eat (duh). The restaurant was on this really pretty inlet and it was sunset. Hence, pictures:

Monday John was feeling better so we went to Rockport and shopped around a little. Mostly just walked around and showed it to John.

Have you seen The Proposal? Sandra Bullock & Ryan Reynolds filmed the "Alaska" part here.

It was football day!

Roy Moore Lobster Co.
Inside Roy Moore

The Fudgery

We stopped at Woodman's on the way home. A staple.

My lobster roll & battered onion rings.

John's popcorn shrimp. That he barely ate. Of course.
Monday afternoon and Sunday were finally spent at the beach. Ahhh I love the beach.

Monday as I mentioned was football day. We watched the Hokie game in my parents' "trailer". Yeah. I sat in a camping chair on the only floor space available. My dad & John each had a booth side. My mom was on the bed.
The miniature TV. (Better than none?)

My dad & John

My mom hidden up there.
And now let us all have a moment of silence for that game. Amen.

Faith  – (September 29, 2010 at 8:18 PM)  

the scenery is gorgeous! looks like a fun and relaxing time. i want the food, lol!

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