About a Bit of Everything..

So.. I guess I should update you all on
1-the fence progress and completion
2-John's 25th birthday & New Year's Eve
3-Our 2nd anniversary
4-Lucy's transition into our family

However, I just haven't felt like it.. Please accept the following photos as updates on the previously mentioned items.

1- A fence from start to finish:


2- John's 25th birthday cake. We had friends over.

3- Our anniversary.. not San Diego w/Fred & Marie.. but we still went out to eat.

4-Lucy's (& Jaq's) Transition:
Sick day.

Faith  – (January 15, 2011 at 3:16 PM)  

Omg. What is that cake? Chocolate cake with kit kats and m&ms on top? I want that cake.

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