Is February Over Yet?

Can I just tell you about the February that we have had so far? (It is ONLY February 3!)

-Started the month off without heat for the 3rd day due to a broken oil tank gauge/bobber thing and a slow to respond oil company. I don't think it was above freezing in all of that time. We got a space heater (and fire extinguisher).

-Because the tank ran out of oil, something on the furnace broke. We got to pay for that to be fixed.

-I got yelled at by the boss (in an email... sent to EVERYONE!) because my space heater at work was not set on the timer mode.. which apparently is a building/office policy, but no one notified me. My "responsibility" of having the space heater was revoked until it could be further evaluated next year. A few people stood up for me and I got the heater back. It still made me want to cry when I got the email..

-Yesterday it warmed up (finally!) and I got a call from John around 3 PM (when he knew I was in a meeting)... asking me to come home because he needed help cleaning up our flooded basement. SWEET.

This is after most of the water was out already.

Under the stairs..

Where everything from under the stairs ended up.

When we bought the house, the old owner spent $10k putting in a water "mitigation"-type system due to flooding that occurred from water running down the walls of the basement. Apparently the water came in this time just under the basement door. John said there was a few inches of water on the shop side (the basement floor is sloped)- thankfully none on my pantry side that I keep decorations, bulk food, etc. He was able to Shop-Vac it out... in 4 bucket-fuls. He got some fans running down there. Pretty much as soon as that all started going though (when I first got home), we heard a huge crack and saw a tree fall across the street. Leading me to..

-The tree across the street brought down a power line, which was hitting the snow and sparking/making a fire. Luckily this was not near anyone's house. Soo... our fans could not run to air out the basement water. And I could not cook supper. We went out. WIN.

-This morning I drove John's car to work (the driveway is icy so we have to park at the top in a single line & I got home last last night and he leaves first). I stopped at a red light almost to work and pulled up to not block a driveway to a daycare center. The person behind me blocked the driveway, but left a little room. A lady pulling out of the daycare in a minivan decided it was enough room for her and proceeded to sideswipe/rear end me. She couldn't get all of the way around and just scratched up the bumper like whoa. Then she kept going. I honked and honked but no response. She went to turn left so I pulled up next to her like WTF and she rolled down the window and told me she was going to the CVS parking lot.. like I was just supposed to know..? So I got her info, but haven't heard anything else from her yet today. Now we get to figure out that mess.

 Come on March...

Meredith  – (February 3, 2011 at 11:29 PM)  

HOLY cow. I'm so sorry about how your month has gone so far! I hope the rest of it goes much, much better!

Faith  – (February 4, 2011 at 12:18 AM)  

Ugh. That's a lot of crap to deal with in just a few days. Good luck & hopefully things start looking up.

Faith  – (February 5, 2011 at 11:07 PM)  

oh gosh! you're not kidding ... it can only go up from here ... at least that is what i hope for you.

last year the same thing happened to our basement ... i have this huge fear that it will happen again ... i'm ready for it.

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