Pizza Pockets

When John & his dad were busy building the fence, I paid the "help" with warm lunches every weekend. After awhile I needed to get creative. I cam up with these "Pizza Pockets" after remembering Meredith's Taco Puffs.

I sauteed sausage, onions and garlic as the filling.

The outside was just a canned biscuit that I flattened out.

Layer on the filling, sauce and cheese. Make sure to not over fill the biscuit, and leave empty space around the edges.

My canned sauce that I made this summer.
 Fold the biscuit in half and seal the edges with a fork.
 Load onto pan.

Bake and eat! Just bake these until the turn golden.. the meat is already cooked and you are just melting the cheese and browning the biscuit!

Faith  – (February 2, 2011 at 10:03 PM)  

oooh that looks sooo good! i must make! thanks for the recipe!

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