Inside my Fridge

Meredith loves the inside of people's fridges.. so I am obliging with a view.

(Notice I did not post this until we got back from camping (ahem over a month ago)- the fridge was looking pretty sparse and that is not typically the case. I waited until we had a standard fridge load.)

The Fridge:

Top shelf- John's sandwiches for the week, a couple of peppers, plain greek yogurt (used as sour cream here), eggs, a bottle of wine & some beers (a gift from friends which we probably will never drink..)

Middle shelf-Water pitcher, homemade strawberry jelly, milk, mozzarella from the farmer's market on Saturday, OJ, homemade cilantro & garlic hummus, cut up fruit & leftover frosting from the baby shower on Saturday

Bottom shelf- Turkey breasts thawing for supper on Monday, a pitcher of iced coffee mix for my 2x daily coffees, a bag of cut up veggies

Left drawer- tortillas, more carrots, celery

Right drawer- lots of apples for John's lunches & a couple of cans of beer that I keep on hand for beer bread.

 The door- stick butter for baking, random dressings, lemon & lime juices, mayo, spray butter (for air popped popcorn!), chocolate syrup for my coffee, mustards, ketchup, and a dog head

The Freezer:
Frozen corn, ground turkey, turkey sausages, hot dogs, frozen beans, a bowl holding a partially eaten homemade fruit pop, Skinny Cow ice cream sandwich, buns, ice for my coffees, homemade "nutrigrains" for John's lunches, breakfast sausages, various shredded cheeses, more sausages.

Puff pastry, bread thins, pitas, lunch bag ice packs, frozen blueberries

I didn't take pictures of the deep freeze in the basement but currently it is holding about 6 loaves of bread because it was on sale (BOGO), 4 or 5 bags of homemade cookies for John's lunches, ground turkey, turkey breasts, pork chops & pork tenderloin that I got very on sale, hot dog & hamburger buns, cheeses.

Phew.. as you can see, we eat a lot at home and I tend to have a lot on hand...

Meredith  – (August 27, 2011 at 12:33 PM)  

The dog head seriously made me laugh out loud.

Also, I totally admire the pre-made sandwiches!

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