Puppy Party

A month or so ago (yeah I'm a little behind) we had all of the puppies in John's family over for a "Puppy Party."

We got Lucy in December, his brother got a Doberman a couple of weeks before that and his parents got a "lab" a few weeks after that. Since then an aunt got a puppy as well. So these new dogs in addition to the few that were already around needed an excuse to get together and run around our yard. Some of the dogs were unable to come, but we still had a good crowd!

I made some doggie treats and goodie bags for all of the puppies to bring home with them:

 And for the puppy parents we had a bunch of food as well.

Veggies and ranch dip.

Sausage stuffed mushrooms.

Spinach dip and bread.

Fruit kabobs and fruit dip.

Lemonade and water and sodas on ice.
We also grilled out burgers and hot dogs and had corn fresh from the farmer's market.

Of course I took all of these pictures before anyone got to the house... and then didn't take pictures of the dogs playing! Please accept a few pictures of Lucy playing with some other friends as my apology:

Bailey & Champ showing up.

Hi Bailey!

Faith  – (August 28, 2011 at 1:13 AM)  

aww, how cute!

looks like the dogs had a great time!

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