There was some ridiculous rain yesterday here in Maryland, specifically in the town and on the street that I work. The heaviest part of the storm centered over us and it just went straight so everything came our way. 

We work just off of a river, but that rising wasn't even our main problem- the problem was the flash flooding.

A car directly in front of my building.

In front of my building- we have a step into a vestibule, but the other shops don't- they had water pouring in their doors.

Water poured into our basement so we all spent a few hours down there bailing water out, but it was worthless- the water kept rising anyway. So after spending the time to bail the water out, we ended up just bringing boxes with the most important documents upstairs.

The force of the water- it would knock you over if you weren't ready when you stepped into it.

A car drove down into the water and obviously stalled and then dammed the street up more.

The river a few feet below our first floor window- this would usually be WAY lower.

The left side is the street. On the right where there is a fence is the river.

Yours truly after hours of bailing water and then carrying boxes. Klassy day at work- sweaty, wet, dirty.
After the water receded- lots of emergency vehicles and the road taped off.

The flooding left tons of nasty silt all over.

This is the high parking lot- the silt is all over and water obviously rushed through here.

There was random trees, sticks, garbage everywhere that had been carried by the water.

My car when I went to leave.

HOW did that stump get there? Like THAT!?

More random junk.

This is what was under my car after I pulled out all that I could and pulled forward.

Today? I am sore. No rest today though. We need to get the basement pumped out and then bring everything back down, re-plug in computers, etc. However; boss lady is buying us all lunch for our efforts!

Meredith  – (September 8, 2011 at 11:55 AM)  

Oh man! Holy cow! We've flooded here before, and it is just suck a PITA!

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