Journey to Here - Part 3

Part 1, Part 2

That acceptance letter was seriously 11 + years in the making. Most everything I had done since first grade was a build up to that moment. It was here – I had made it and I DID IT. The rest of the spring was a flurry of more acceptance letters to my “back ups”- Wentworth in Boston, Syracuse University and Virginia Tech (a random application.. they had an architecture school the farthest out of my parents’ radius). If I remember correctly, I didn’t even visit any other colleges – we just decided that if I didn’t get into RPI and had to go somewhere else we would visit the schools that I DID get accepted to. These other acceptance letters meant nothing to me though- I was going to RPI and that was that.

Graduation with my sweet red chucks.

Graduation came. I sat in the front row as an honors student, community service honoree, etc. I was pumped to be out of that school and on to college.. FINALLY. I had a graduation party and used my gifted funds to set up my dorm room. Since I was early decision I got into the “good” dorm – the newest and only had double rooms instead of triples like most of the freshmen dorms. In the middle of the summer I found out that more students accepted than staff were planning and my double room would turn into a triple. The rooms were big so it should be okay. I got my future roommates names and contact information over the summer and we wrote each other letters and talked on AIM. I decided they were cool and it would be a good year.

Meredith  – (October 11, 2011 at 10:34 AM)  

Oooohhhh, it's getting good. I'm excited to see where it goes from here. I feel like I know the beginning and the end (sort of), but I don't know how you got from Point A to Point B!

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