A Hospital Visit

for the kitty :(

Wednesday I came home from work and Jaq kept trying to pee and nothing was coming out. He spent a lot of time in the litterbox but nada. I called the emergency vet around 9 pm and they wanted me to come in RIGHT AWAY. It is relatively common for male cats to get blocked pee-ers (urethra?) and if it goes too long bad levels of various things that they should be peeing out can build up and it can be fatal. Or the bladder can explode. Also fatal.

I packed him up and rushed the 40 minutes to the animal hospital in the rain and dark and when I got there they basically said "Is that Jaq?" as soon as I walked in the door and then 3 techs rushed out and grabbed him. They needed to test his levels right away and unblock him.

He was blocked up, his bladder was full and they couldn't even "express" pee out of him by pushing his bladder (which they normally can to blocked cats). In went the catheter. His blood work all came back good and was not elevated though. They were relatively impressed with that- when cats come in blocked up it has usually been long enough that they are not in good shape at all. I was a little more aware of the situation since I know my parent's cat had that happen a few times AND my kitty is super smart and tried telling me all night and eventually squatted right in front of me in the living room and didn't pee because he knew that would get my attention. That's when I really knew something bad was happening.

Anywho... Jaq E. Poo had to stay in the hospital for 2 days with his catheter and painkillers. I was able to pick him up Friday afternoon and bring him home. His poor belly/private parts and wrists are all shaved from IV fluids and the catheter. He's got little bracelets now :)

They don't know for sure why he got blocked and there isn't really a way to prevent it from happening again. So cat people... be aware and watch your kitty for weird non-peeing behavior.

This afternoon.
Since we got home Lucy has not left Jaq's side.. she is all up in his face licking him and sniffing. Jaq is being really good about it but I am sure he is annoyed. Apparently Sissy missed him!

Michelle Jadaa  – (March 4, 2012 at 7:51 AM)  

Thanks for posting!I had never heard about this so now i will know what to look for,I bet the dog not only missed him but is aware that he is rather sore now.I know my furbabies know when im not feeling well.Gentle Hugzz...Michelle J

Faith  – (March 6, 2012 at 11:21 AM)  

oh no! thanks so much for the heads up ... something i def. have to always be aware of!

and i love how she missed him. so cute :)

p.s. my fur babies are still not liking each other. well, really the cat. the dog wags her tail so hard when she sees him.

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