Road Rage..

My first car in high school. Affectionately named "Gar" (Grandma + car).

With each of my last two jobs, I have been on the road (highway) more than I was before. For this current job I travel 33 miles each way, which equals at least an hour in the car twice a day. I have (I think) gotten to be a better and better driver, but I notice all of the TERRIBLE drivers out there.. and I get SO IRRITATED. A few of my pet peeves:
  • I drive through the city for about half of my drive. When I am leaving, there are three lanes. The furthest right  lane is a DRIVING LANE until SIX PM. I cannot tell you how many times I have been driving in that lane and come upon a car that is parked there- a good 10-15 minutes before parking is allowed. HELLO! You can't just PARK in traffic! I've even had someone just STOP in front of me to park.
  • A merge sign means MERGE. Don't just drive STRAIGHT and expect me to let you in. I paid attention to the sign and actually merged over. 
  • People. If there are three lanes of traffic on the highway and you want to JUST go the speed limit and you notice a HUGE line of traffic behind you, or people passing you on the right, GET OVER. Seriously. The left lane is for passing. Middle is for AT LEAST going the speed limit. Slow pokes get in the rightest lane. The speed limit is not always the speed of traffic- you will put yourself and others in more danger by not paying attention to the traffic speed around you. DON'T JUST BUM ALONG IN THE LEFTEST LANE! OMG MY BLOOD PRESSURE IS RISING.
  • USE YOUR BLINKERS. You aren't special. Even if you don't think anyone needs to see it, DO IT. It helps other people gauge your speed, if they have time to turn, when they need to slow down, etc.
  • For Heaven's sake DON'T brake in the travel lane just before your exit. WAIT until you are in the exit lane. Everyone behind you does not need to slow down because YOU are exiting. Exit ramps are long enough for you to slow down on.
  • Seriously. Stay off your phone. Yeah, even talking. Almost 100% of the time if someone isn't up to speed in traffic, isn't maintaining their speed, they are swerving, etc. when I get the chance to pass them- YUP chatting away, oblivious to the line of traffic behind them. Awesome. Imagine what they would do in an emergency that required fast thinking or a quick reaction.

The end.

Lynnc  – (September 20, 2012 at 10:25 AM)  

I feel your pain. Wait til you see the 90 year old's toodling around down here in the winter!

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