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I promised an update on the addition.There isn't much going on with it now, but planning and saving. We have been really working out all of the kinks of the space plan and layout, and I have been also developing finish and furniture schemes so that I know what we need to buy and what we can reuse... all working toward our budget.

Our timeline is still to break ground next fall (2013) and have someone else put in the foundation, a contractor will build the shell and frame it in. We will roof the house, side it, etc. Once the house is closed in, we will work our way through the interior to finish it out, with the help of our dads, hopefully being able to finish off the interior by springtime?

I present to you our most recent (and most likely pretty final) space plan. The plans have been tweaked a bunch and none of the drawings are complete yet!Excuse some of the extra lines, etc. Many are notes to ourselves.

Main Level

As you can see, we will be doubling the size of the house, but it still won't be a giant McMansion. I really want to make sure that we aren't adding space just to add it and that everything will have a purpose. I really don't like formal living and dining rooms- I feel like they are so often just there and maybe used a couple of times a year.

Our main layout is going to be very open- everyone always ends up in the kitchen, so I want there to be room in there. Not to mention.. I like to cook and bake! I want someplace good! The kitchen opens to a large dining room that has enough room to seat a big group, but I also plan on sitting there for regular suppers. We can all scoot to one end of the table. If we are eating on the run, we will have the island to eat at.

The dining room and living room are separated by a double sided fireplace. The dining room has some built ins for all of my white serving pieces, our china, etc. The counter will serve as a buffet for parties. 

The master bedroom will have a walk in closet, that I hope to organize so that we don't need a dresser in our bedroom. Also? A private master bath with a tub and shower. Ahhh.


This is only showing the new portion of the basement. Our current (unfinished) basement will remain storage and a wood workshop. The door on the left side of the garage will go into the old basement. The new portion will (obviously) contain a garage (yay!) and a small finished portion. The finished portion will be our TV/FOOTBALL! room with a small built-in desk area, a table (our current one)  for homework, or it pulls out for poker nights. 

In the back we made a little niche for our pull out sofa. This is where overnight guests will stay if all of the upstairs bedrooms are full. There is a little closet and the area can be blocked off with a screen for guests. If there aren't guests, that sofa can also be used for TV viewing. There is a super small full bathroom, so overnight guests have a shower right there. This will probably be the cheapest part of the house- no bells and whistles in there!


Just a quick sketch of the new house elevation. Pretty simple, but I want to add a couple of details (wood slat wall and canopy, side light at entry door) to make the front interesting.

And, as a reminder, the size of our house right now:
This isn't the exact layout that we have right now, but close.

Faith  – (September 19, 2012 at 10:04 AM)  

omg, it is going to be incredible! wow, wow, wow! i cannot wait for when you start doing this. so exciting!

Meredith  – (September 19, 2012 at 11:06 AM)  

Wow! That's going to make a huge difference!

One question--I've never seen two bathrooms next to each other like that in the hallway! Is there a benefit to the two smaller bathrooms over one bigger one? (No snark intended, I've just never seen that before and I'm curious about it!)

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