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As I have mentioned many times before, I have gotten really uncomfortable with grocery store food in the last few years. Produce that travels a gajillion miles and then sits on the shelf for 18 months before we buy it, pumped full of who knows what to make it stay "fresh" for that long, meat that is from animals treated terribly, fed stuff they shouldn't be fed (and that we shouldn't be eating!), baked goods and treats made with white flours, full of preservatives and lots of chemicals, etc.

I've been slowly replacing our typical foods with homemade ones, using local/fresh ingredients where possible. I am not so much concerned about "organic" as animals treated well, no chemicals, whole grains, no preservatives.

For a couple of months now we have been getting dairy delivered to our house by a local farm. Milk and cheese (fresh mozzarella to die for!) fresh from grass fed, free range cows, eggs from free range hens. The awesome thing is, this farm teams up with other local farmers to delivery pretty much anything else you could need- turkey, chicken, beef, pork (all kinds of cuts of all the meat!), breads, coffee!, popcorn, cookie dough, etc. The whole order is placed online and then it shows up at your house on your scheduled delivery day!

This is an example of what we got this week:

3 half gallons of skim milk, 1 lb American cheese, 2 lbs bulk sausage, 2 lbs ground turkey

We try to place the order every other week so that we can spread out the delivery fee (only $3.75) between two weeks, especially since the milk dates are pretty far out. I had wanted to get a pound of mozzarella this week and a pound of boneless turkey breast this week too, but they were out of stock.

When we need it I also get butter from them- 1 lb salted in a tub. This summer I also bought a TWENTY POUND block of butter (call me Paula Dean) that I cut into sticks for baking. The butter was about $1/pound cheaper this way and since it freezes, it will be good forever.

If you are at all interested and in the Frederick, MD/DC area, for sure check out South Mountain Creamery. They have really been awesome and are a great family-owned company.

Justine  – (September 13, 2012 at 8:14 PM)  

I wish we had something like this by us!! I'm starting to do research on what kind of milk I'm going to start to give to Theodore. I don't feel comfortable giving him "regular" milk bc of all the nasties in it. We can't afford to switch over for the whole family, but I feel like it's important to give him "good" milk, you know? I figure the damage has already been done for us... ;)

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