A Summer in Photos

And a few words..

My parents bought a house on a lake a few hours away from here, outside of Roanoke, Virginia, for retirement. We spent a couple of weekends down there.

View across the lake.

This miss loves swimming and can't get enough.
We traveled to NY for a family thing, and Lucy got to meet her cousin Cooper. They were such a perfect match and Cooper even came down to MD later in the summer again! They will meet up in Florida in February and she can't wait.

Lucy did a lot of this:

We had a family party at our house as a chance to get all of the dogs together to run around and for humans to have birthday cake.

John made me this potted garden irrigation system for my birthday.

I made my own birthday cake- chocolate with peanut butter buttercream filling with chunks of peanut butter cup, and a fudgey chocolate buttercream, topped off with peanut butter cups.

The dogs & their people.
Dog whisperer.

We traveled to Vermont for a high school friend's awesome wedding on Lake Champlain.

The groom made this! Isn't it awesome!?

And then we traveled to Cape Cod for my cousin's wedding.

I've had enough traveling to last me awhile. Until we go to Hershey for the race in a couple of weeks I guess..

Faith  – (October 4, 2012 at 10:06 AM)  

what a great summer!

love all the pictures.

the cake you made for your birthday looked incredible! WOW!

i love that you went to a wedding on Lake Champlain. makes me feel like we are not too far in distance from each other.

Meredith  – (October 4, 2012 at 2:44 PM)  

That lake house looks AMAZING. Really, there's nothing better in my book!

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