Thank you Sandy

Hurricane Sandy =

  • Two power losses for a total of about 40 hours out
  • 75-76 MPH wind gusts (our roof didn't blow off!!)
  • Loss of my awesome, huge, old azalea on the driveway
  • No power for sump pumps in heavy rain
  • Manually emptying the sump pump every hour on the hour all night by carrying 10-15 5 gallon buckets of water outside in the cold rain each time
  •  No sleep
  • An awful cold (times two- John got it too)
  • Cough that dragged on a week and a half...
  • ..and then turned into bronchitis.
  • I'll be coughing for 3 weeks now.
And yet... we are SO lucky. 

Faith  – (November 14, 2012 at 8:09 AM)  

Isn't that amazing?! Everything might not be perfect at the moment but you know just how lucky you are. I love this post.

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