(Or Snippets in the words of Meredith.)

After we took our pizza out of the oven on Sunday night, when it was placed on top of the stove it looked like the Santa spoon holder was holding the pizza. We giggled.

I have gotten super busy the last few weeks. I take that back. It seems like this whole fall has been super busy. I just got a huge project at work that is super faced paced, so that definitely makes everything move quickly too. Add in Christmas preparations, Christmas get-togethers and various crafts I want to do and time is flying!

I have a few items that have been on my brain, but none warrant its own post. Some are just random stupid things about me.

-I LOVE where we live. Seriously. Almost daily on the drive home I think it to myself as I look around. I get super annoyed while driving home, but turning down our roads just calms me down. It makes living the 1+ hours away from work so worth it.

-My conditioner always runs out before my shampoo. I hate starting a new bottle of conditioner before a bottle of shampoo- I like them to start at the same time. I keep a bottle of conditioner in the closet whose sole purpose to to bridge the end of the matching conditioner to the end of the shampoo. Conditioner dies--> break out the closet conditioner--> shampoo dies--> start new bottles of shampoo and conditioner at the same time and put the safety conditioner back in the closet.

-On another personal care note: I take gummy vitamins. I eat all of the yellows first since they are gross. Then I eat all of the orange, then pinks and THEN reds. Reds are the best of everything so they are always saved for last (M&Ms, Skittles, etc.)

-On Thanksgiving we ran a Drumstick Dash 5k. It is a family tradition to run in a Turkey Trot/Dash on Thanksgiving and this year we did it in honor/remembrance of our neighbor growing up (her kids were our age too and in all the same sports, etc.- saw her a lot) who was a big runner and she passed away suddenly this year. Funds were raised for scholarships for her special ed students. The main event/team was in NY where we grew up, but we went to VA this year, so we represented Team Donna in Roanoke.

-A few weeks ago I made a whole month of supper menues. It has been awesome not having to struggle every Saturday night/Sunday morning to figure out what the menu will be so I can make the grocery list.

-When I had bronchitis a month or so ago I strained my neck from coughing. It was almost worse than the actual coughing.

-I cannot figure out how to use coffee creamer. Everyone was loving on the International Delight flavors so I got some, but gave up. Am I supposed to put Stevia/sweetener in TOO? Is the creamer sweetened already? I don't know.. It tasted gross whatever combo I did.. I even tried using my regular milk WITH the creamer to "water" it down.

-I have always connected way more to animals than people.. I cannot watch animal movies (um, Homeward Bound? UGH) and just feel way more empathy towards animals. People's attitude and manner toward animals really affect my views of the person. In one of my previous positions, the boss horrified me with the way their animals were treated. After that it was super hard to respect them. It is a very hard thing to work for someone who you don't respect.

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