Pinterest Challege: Update 1

Checking in to report my progress on my Personal Pinterest Challege:

1- Made the Banana Caramel Cream dessert. I thought it was good.. John didn't. WHAT!? I don't know how he didn't! It was even ingredients that he likes together . This was very similar to banana pudding which he is obsessed with. Ugh.

2- Got a shower scrubber! I got this OXO one from Target and it has bristles instead of a scrubber pad, which I love. I think it will hold up a lot better to the slate than a scrubber pad would. I filled it with half water, half vinegar and a splash of tea tree oil. I'm loving having the scrubber and randomly scrub at something while I am in there- I've even grabbed it out of the shower to scrub the sink.

3- Made the Christmas star! I just used some 1x1s and stained them and then John tacked them together at the corners for me. He has more patience for lining everything up and going slower so it doesn't split. I love having the star with my Nativity.

I have left by 12/31/12:
-herb & grain crackers
-cinnamon sugar pull apart bread
-clean my towels (I think I am going to do my workout clothes like this too)
-use a dryer sheet on the baseboards and wax paper on the faucets
-make a Christmas Grinch sign (I've actually found a different sign that I am making instead.. well two signs..they are in progress)
-ornament wreath (also in progress)
-Virginia falls in love poster

..I can do it, I can do it, I can do it.

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