Frederick half marathon

Boston Strong laces.

Sunday I ran the Frederick half marathon. I was pumped for Frederick- last year this race was my very first half marathon. I loved the course and had a blast. My training was not as good as it should have been in the last 6ish weeks since Shamrock but I still felt good and was coming off of my awesome run last weekend. My back has actually been acting up a little more the last couple of weeks, but it’s usually okay while running. My ankle has been good and I iced a couple of times the last week or so. Saturday though.. ugh. I was watching the Caps (win!) and my vision was getting all blurry.. a sure sign that a migraine is coming. I haven't had one in a year+ but of course I get one the night before the half marathon. I think I caught it early enough so it never turned into a full blown migraine. I took Tylenol extra strength and had a diet coke. I was in pain the rest of the night, but not full blown migraine bad I was very worried about the migraine hangover the next day though. LUCKILY- I woke up Saturday morning feeling good!

My support crew.

I went into the race with the 2:30 pace group. My Shamrock half time/PR was 2:28, but I knew going in that Frederick is hillier (meaning any hills at all) and it was a warmer day- both things that would work against me. I figured I would start with the 2:30 group and then push it at the end.

About 2ish miles in I got bored of that.. they were walking through water stops and I just kept going. I was feeling SO GOOD. I was having fun, smiling, enjoying myself and just cruising along. My pace was actually in the 10:47 range (um hello I am usually around 11:30-12 on a regular long run), and I had to keep telling myself to slow down so I didn’t burn out at the end. Pace for a 2:30 finish is 11:27 and the 2:20 group pace is 10:40 so I was on track for a PR.

I kept up the under 11 minute pace for 9 miles actually and there was no slowing down. My legs were doing awesome, I was having no breathing issues- it was another one of those elusive runs that I never have. I was on fire- I couldn’t keep the grin off my face knowing that I was on a huge PR track.

Love the colorful view of thousands of runners in front of me.

Around mile 9 though I got this wicked stomach cramp- not a poo poo cramp.. I don’t know what it was. I’ve never had heartburn, but it felt like my upper stomach/lung area was on fire and there was a crampy feeling too in the middle of my stomach area. I have no idea what it was from- I ate my normal food, was hydrating and fueling the same way I always do. Unless it was just from my speed? Who knows. All I do know is that I had to slow way down- 11:30- 12 minute paces. I kept trying to pick it up to push through- there was only a few miles left! Every time I sped up the cramping got worse and I was a little afraid of puking on the side of the road. I would rather slow down and still finish than puke and not be able to finish.

I finished at 2:27:43.. still a PR, but not the huge 2:23 or so that I was shooting for- I lost about 4 minutes on time when I had to slow down the last 4 miles. Boo that. I do know that I can do it though- so now I need to push for it! I doubt I will get it at Zooma Annapolis though- that is supposed to be a wicked hilly course. 4 weeks to go!

Another half marathon PR in the books!

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