In July I asked if my parents would want to come to our house for "my birthday" since they haven't been to the house in awhile, we still had my dad's birthday present and my mom wasn't going to make it back to Virginia for the rest of the summer.

They came when I was (I think?) 9 weeks and I gave my dad his birthday present. The first thing he unwrapped was a Camelbak and under that was this:


An infant life jacket. He had no idea.. I guess he first thought it was for Lucy (we had talked before about getting her a life jacket for swimming). My mom on the other hand.. she knew right away. When my dad asked what it was she said, "IT MEANS I WAS RIGHT!" So.. apparently she had an idea and that is why they agreed to make the 7 hour drive so easily. Ha.

I sent an email of the picture to my sister with the subject line "Next summer" and she had no idea either, so I zoomed in and sent her this picture:

This one clearly says INFANT. She got it then.

For John's parents I made Lucy a 'Big Sister' tshirt but somehow we couldn't get both of them over to the house when I would be there and not just John. So we printed the picture, put it in a folder and just showed up at their house one evening with "papers" for his dad to look at "for the addition." We gave it to his mom to look at first and she got it. His dad took a little longer. I had been worried that they would think it meant we were getting another dog.. HAHA.

I wanted to tell my friends and then my office before I told the rest of the world on Facebook, so for both groups I made cupcakes with blue and pink frosting. In both cases they were like "so what's the occasion?" And I said, "well... the frosting is pink and blue..." and then it clicked. Haha. Oh well.. a good excuse for cupcakes!

 And then there is THIS photo that everyone has seen now. The official public announcement.

I actually plan on blowing this up and framing it for the baby room. I love it and I love that the baby will have two older, cuddly siblings.

I think that Lucy is starting to catch on now that the baby is moving more.. she rests her head on my stomach a lot more and sniffs at my belly a lot. She is just a lot more clingy. Jaq has actually been a little more cuddly than normal recently too. I cannot wait to see how they react to a baby in person. Jaq will be awesome. He LOVES little kids. Lucy... I think she might be jealous, but hopefully will catch on that it is HER baby and not leaving. Plus.. if she trains the baby right, she will have a ball thrower in a couple of years. She just needs to play her cards right!

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