Addition: Edition 4

Once framing began, the exterior went up QUICKLY. They really just had needed to get those beams in and then the contractor was able to get a second floor subfloor up, followed by the exterior walls... within days. I keep going crazy because it seems like weeks go by with nothing from the contractor, but then we will have a few days here or there in between that BAM everything happens. And then nothing.. I think I am a little more impatient than a typical customer because I have a very important deadline.. that most definitely will not be met now.

From the house, over the screened porch gap, to the deck.

Lucy seeing us from the other side of the house.

John kept saying that as soon as there was something on the other side of our old kitchen/dining room door, he was going to take that board off the door (since we wouldn't fall into a giant pit anymore). Sure enough, as soon as that subfloor was up, he held a ceremonial door opening:


Ta da! Walking from one house to the other!

It was seriously like a day or two and we all of a sudden had walls and sheathing around the front and sides of the house, and some of the load bearing wall around the stairs in the center.

Windows all framed out:

Where the addition meets the old house.

After a day or two of framing, our roof trusses showed up and were put on in one day. The next, the roof got sheathing and paper.
John was pretty pumped at this point. I got quite a few texts while I was at work.

Our old power line is still going into the house from the street.

John and his dad also worked quickly during this time to build the rest of the deck/porch that would connect to the addition.The screened porch area needed to go in quickly so that it could be roofed at the same time as the house.

The whole addition got house wrap, which required taking out the old front windows so that the new front door could be framed in. And thus, we lost our last windows into the main room in the house, and we entered the dark ages.

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