Lane is: Four Months

-15 lbs 9.5 oz / 60%
-26.25" / 90%

-Still 100% breastfed with a couple of pumped bottles a week 
-This month we had a visit from a physical therapist for an Early Intervention consult for torticollis. She said he looks alright and he doesn't qualify for EI. She gave us some exercises for his neck and scheduled a follow up appointment to confirm that he is getting better and not worse.
-Around 13.5 weeks Lane started lifting his hear all the way up at tummy time (instead of just face planting and being pissed that he was on his stomach).
-Lane still has blue eyes!
-This month Lane was sleeping for 8-9 hours straight pretty consistently (usually 8 or 9 until 4-6). At 14 weeks he slept 10.5 hours straight! (8-6:30)
-At 14 weeks we also had his first trip to the lake in Virginia. Just he and I went and we left around 7 am- he slept just about the entire 5.5 hour drive down! We stopped once briefly for a diaper change and quick feed and then continued on.

-At 14 weeks Lane also started sleeping in the bassinet for naps and at nighttime (instead of the Rock n Play).
-This month Lane was wearing 3-6 month/6 month clothes.

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