Lane is: Five Months

-At home (approximate) measurements:
16.5 lbs

-Still all breastfed
-Had his four month shots and his sleep was interrupted with a couple of nights that had a wake up in the middle of the night, but then he went back to sleeping the whole night, usually 10 or so hours from 7 or 8-5 or 6.
-Lane outgrew the bassinet and started sleeping in the Pack n Play in our room.
-We were handed down his cousins' old Jumperoo and he LOVES it. Lane has always loved standing andloves being able to jump around in the Jumperoo.

-This month Lane has started drooling and ton and always has his hands in his mouth. We don't see any teeth showing up yet though!
-3-6 month clothes have started getting a little short and we moved into 6-9 month onesies
-Still blue eyes- maybe they will stay!?
-Lane's cradle cap has started getting a little better with our use of Head & Shoulders. His hair is also starting to grow back in on top and it is lighter than I thought it would be!
-We took Lane's second trip to the lake for the Fourth of July. John, Lane, Lucy and I all went down for the weekend and then John and Lucy went home Sunday while Lane and I stayed at the lake for the next week. Lane went swimming for the first time and was pretty indifferent to it- he wasn't scared or angry though!

-The week we were at the lake was the week before Lane turned 5 months old. It was a crazy explosion of development- he started getting things into his hand and then mouth purposefully, smiling and talking a LOT more, giggling and lifting his head a lot higher than before and for longer periods of time. I felt bad that John missed it all and like I was bringing a new baby home!
-Lane also moved to his own room! We moved him from our room to the guest room since we don't have any guests scheduled for the foreseeable future and it doesn't look like John and I will be moving out of our room (the future nursery) anytime soon. Lane was going to sleep earlier and needed his own room.
-I started signing to Lane, mostly just "milk." He understood it within the week and he grins and reclines himself when I ask if he wants it- LOL. A few times he's also made a fist and stared at it and me like he was trying to figure out how to make the sign. 
-This month we started letting him lick some foods from our hand- apple, carrot, banana, watermelon. He goes crazy for the watermelon and banana.
-On Father's Day, Lane went to his first baseball game! (Unfortunately.)


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