Lane is: Six Months

-16.6 lbs (50%)
-28" (95%)
-Head is 17.5" (75%)
-Wearing 6 month clothes, though probably moving into 9 months soon
-Still breastfeeding

-At 5.5 months, on 7/21, Lane had his first "meal"- carrots, green peppers and peaches. He mostly just sucked on them. For a little bit he just had supper with us and then started having lunch when I ate also. Once he realized that he could have food, he would be upset if we ate in front of him without sharing!
-We skipped over purees and started right with finger food (Baby Led Weaning). He has had: taco/turkey meat, sweet potatoes,cucumber, watermelon, applesauce, shredded cheese, cheese stick, zucchini, bread, wheat bread, avocado, grilled ham steak, broccoli, cauliflower, banana, quesadilla with tilapia cheese and onion, rosemary and garlic grilled pork chop, dijon sauce on broccoli, parmesan orzo, scrambled eggs and toast, creamy turkey and rice, green beans. So.. clearly he eats what we eat. Haha! At first he did a lot of swishing his hands in the food and then licking his hands. Eventually he started raking the food toward his face. He is able to grab sticks (cucumber, broccoli, etc.) well and eats a bunch of that.
-While he doesn't eat a ton of the food yet, he apparently gets enough because we have made the great poop change. Yay.
-At exactly 5 months old we did Ferber/cry it out while at my parents' house. He didn't want to sleep anywhere but in my arms or in bed with me. So, it began. It took an hour of crying for 3 nights in a row and then twenty minutes of light crying for a few more nights. His crying at bedtime had changed too before I started- he was mostly just pissed off crying, not sad, which made it a LOT easier to leave him to fall asleep. Doing this was a life-saver. Bedtime was no longer a struggle!
-We switched Lane from the pack and play into the crib. I had been resisting setting up the crib until he was in his permanent room, but decided to just go for it since I'm sure the crib is more comfortable than the pack and play.
-Another miracle happened this month.. he napped in his crib without convincing! Maybe a side effect of crying it out? or possibly a 6 month growth spurt? Just before 6 months old, Lane fell into a 2/3/4 schedule on his own (wake up, nap #1 is 2 hours after wake up, nap #2 is 3 hours after last wake up, bedtime is 4 hours after last wake up).
-We finally kicked cradle cap!  This showed up around a month or two and I had been using coconut oil and scrubbing his head. It was pretty bad, so the doctor suggested using Head & Shoulders. Boom. After a couple of months of that all remnants of the cradle cap were gone.

-We also visited Daddy at work for family day!

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