Lane is: Seven Months

(at home/approximate measurements)
-17.5 lbs
-Lane is now fully in 9 month clothes and I actually bought some fall/winter stuff in 12 months because I don't think 9 months will last very long! :(
-Naps started going okay- maybe a half hour or 45 minutes in the morning, around 9 am and then a couple of hours in the afternoon around 1, but usually he wakes up after a half hour or 45 minutes and has to be convinced to go back to sleep for the rest of the nap.
-At night, Lane is passed out asleep by 7 pm and then sleeps until 4-5 when he is ready to nurse. After nursing he typically goes back to sleep until 7.

-This kid is now officially sitting up on his own! Still not very steady, but he does it! I keep a boppy behind him and hover to make sure he doesn't face plant :)

-Lane and I spent a week in the Outer Banks with John's family while he stayed home and worked on the house.Lane was not a fan of the ocean- I held him and every time a wave came toward us he would turn his head and bury his face in my shoulder. He had a blast having his cousins around all day every day, but his sleep did suffer that week. I think it was being in a new place- he pretty much refused to nap except in bed with me (and they were short!), or sometimes on the beach. At night he wasn't getting to bed until 8 or so and then would wake up around 3 or 4 crying. I would nurse him to get him quiet and then he would sleep until 6:45 in my bed. Not ideal but it was just a week.
-After vacation Lane's naps were not so awesome again and he took to sleeping on me again. Boo!
-ALSO the wake ups to replace his pacifier had gotten out of control- I was up 4-5+ times a night just to plug him back up. So.. I re-did cry it out, but without the pacifier this time. The first night it only took 20 minutes of him fussing to fall asleep without it. AND HE DIDN'T WAKE UP ALL NIGHT. Amen.
-Every night since he has fallen asleep as soon as I put him in the crib and then sleeps until 4-6 when he is ready to nurse. He nurses and then goes back to sleep until 7 (usually).
-We kept on going with food and also introduced shrimp (shellfish) and peanut butter with no allergic reactions. Thank goodness. Lane loves grape tomatoes, grapes, peanut butter, cheese, meat... He has definitely gotten better at eating and swallows much more food. He loved the sight of his tray coming towards him and shrieks and gets a huge grin on his face. He is going to eat us out of this house soon..

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