Lane is: 8 Months

(at home/approximate measurements)
-18.5 lbs
-in 9 months clothes and starting to pull out the 12 month clothes
-We started breakfast this month, so Lane is now eating solids for 3 meals a day, in addition to nursing every 3-4 hours.
-Lane is sitting up a lot and much more sturdy than before!
-In addition to sitting, Lane has started spinning in circles on his belly to follow up around the room, or find his toys. It is only a matter of time until he is crawling!
-Naps have been going SO WELL and we are on a real schedule finally. Nap #1 is 2 hours after he wakes up in the morning (around 9 AM) and nap #2 is about 3 hours after he wakes up from the first nap (around 1 PM). I turn off the lights, turn his fan on and we read a story in his sleep sack, then into the crib. He will whine and fuss a little (sometimes) and then goes right to sleep. Naps are about an hour + in the morning and 2+ in the afternoon.
-He has started waking up a little earlier in the mornings to nurse. It is now closer to 4:30 or 5 am, but he goes right back to sleep and sleeps until 7.
-Since we ditched the pacifier last month, he will spit it out now if I try to give him one. I have seen him suck his thumb for a couple of seconds when calming down for a nap.
-Lane is babbling a lot- mamamamam, dadadada, blahblahblah. Nothing seems to have any real meaning or connections.
-Every single time I sing "You are my sunshine" to him, he starts grinning and cheesing at me.
-I have started back to work part time from home. I go into the office on Tuesday mornings and then work 10-20 hours from home. When I go to the office, John stays home with Lane and works remotely for the day. It's fun to see John have full responsibility, even if for only a morning a week.
-Since I am back at work, I am pumping once while away. I pumped for a week or so at home to get enough for a couple of bottles while I was away and then once in the office. I only get 1-2 oz/session (from both sides!) so it took me almost a whole week to pump enough for two 4 ounce bottles. UGH. I bought a manual pump to stick in my work bag. THAT THING IS MAGIC! I get SO much more from it (4-5 ounces!) in less time (10-15 minutes)! He is still not very good at the bottle and really only ends up drinking one full bottle while I am away.
-My first day back in the office Lane started FINALLY sucking out of the straw cup. We had been giving it to him for a couple of months and he would play with it, but didn't suck. Finally he drinks water out of the cup.
-I think Lane might have had his first real bout with teething. He woke up screaming bloody murder a few hours after going to sleep. He was miserable and nothing calmed him until the Motrin kicked in. No teeth have popped up yet though!
-Speaking of being miserable, the same couple of days that Lane was having teething pain, he also had a cold. And so thoughtfully gave it to us.

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