Lane is: 10 Months

(no official measurements this month!)
-in 12 month clothes still
-Lane's first tooth came in 11/13/14, just over 9 months old- FINALLY!
-Tooth #2 came in 11/24/14 and the top two teeth are moving down as well
-This month Lane started waking up pretty consistently between 12 and 2, about when his Motrin would wear off. He gets a medicine top off, nurse, cuddles and back to sleep until he nurses in the morning.
-He started standing and pulling up on everything
-We went to Virginia for Thanksgiving and the night before Thanksgiving was his worst night ever- worse than when he was a newborn. Lane and I ended up sleeping in the bed together, but he was just rolling around and crying, I think we slept maybe an hour or two tops. Nursing, singing, reading, clothes/diaper changes- nothing worked.
-Thanksgiving morning Lane was in his first Thanksgiving family 5k! My sister pushed him in the stroller so that I could run.

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