Lane is: 11 Months

(no official measurements again)
-Started moving into 18 month clothes
-We did a little more sleep training to get rid of the 12/2 am wake up since the teething shouldn't be bothering him anymore. We also eliminated the early morning wake up/nursing session (4:30/5 am), but now we are up for the day around 6 am instead of 7.
-Morning nap has gotten shorter (about an hour) and then he fought the afternoon nap for about a week. After that week it got shorter (down to about 1.5 hours instead of 2-2.5). After the week, his afternoon nap did go back to 2-2.5 hours. It seems like he might be moving in the direction of just one afternoon nap.
-Lane is nursing 3 times/day now- first thing in the morning, after the afternoon nap and before bed.
-We introduced snacks this month, replacing the after morning nap nursing session with a snack of cheerios or a pouch instead- much more convenient for on the go and errands!
-Still pulling up a lot, army crawling and butt scooting all over.
-Lane got a shorter hair cut this month and looks so much more like a boy than baby!
-He has had a diaper rash since THANKSGIVING! now. We have been to the pediatrician twice, been on topical antibiotics, oral antibiotics, been to the dermatologist, gotten a topical steroid. Nothing seems to be helping so far. It is so frustrating because it looks so painful and it seems to bother him!
-He will clap and say "yay!"
-This month was also Lane's first Christmas! He seemed to enjoy it, but not really understand all of the presents and activity.

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