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Originally I told myself that I couldn't care less what the bridesmaids wore- I was even just going to tell them to pick a long dress in brown. Eventually I thought about it and decided that I would feel overwhelmed if told that, so I picked a dress for the girls. Jewelry I especially didn't care about. However, when I found this:

I knew I had to incorporate it somehow. But, for $30 each, I couldn't buy them. After a bit of research, I decided I could make them myself. I ordered a bunch of supplies from Fire Mountain and eventually worked up enough courage to just do it.

After a bunch of trial & errors, this is what I came up with:

The necklace.


The earrings- a little less blurry this time.

After making the jewelry, I packaged them in boxes that I got from Fire Mountain. They look pretty professional, if I do say so myself.

The briolettes (the tear-drop shapes) are red to obviously coordinate with the colors of the wedding. I made a pair of the earrings for myself, though I won't be wearing one of the necklaces. I will wear my pearl necklace that my grandma has been building for me for as long as I can remember. In order to incorporate and reference my necklace, I included pearls on the bridesmaid necklaces and the earrings.

I think that the drop style of the necklace will work well with the bridesmaid dresses and am excited to gift the maids with these.

In the (hopefully) near future, I will be creating myself a hair piece that will coordinate with the necklaces and earrings. I will also be making Amanda (my maid of honor) a cute little pin that will look nice on her dress and match my hair piece and will serve to distinguish her as the maid of honor.

Dave Robertson  – (October 22, 2008 at 11:58 AM)  

Bravo for jumping in feet first & making the came out nice!

at Rings & Things

(another craft/bead supplier) :)

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