Bridesmaid Notecards

In addition to the jewelry that I posted about a couple of days ago, the bridesmaid gifts will also include handmade custom notecards, an awesome re-useable grocery bag, a red pashmina, some little bath type things and something else that is still to be determined.

To make the notecards, I ordered precut and folded, recycled cards and envelopes from Paper-Source, my new best friend.

Next I created a design representative of each girl and printed it and then Gocco'd it onto the notecard in a color I knew they would like.

After Gocco'ing the notecard, I Gocco'd the back of the envelope with a bit of whatever design was on the card.

Lastly, I tied the cards and envelopes together with a perdy ribbon.

Done and done. Except I'm not. I still haven't gotten something good for Amanda. Hmmmm..

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