Numbering the Tables!

A couple of weeks ago, I went to Michael's with my 20% off total purchase coupon in hand. On the list- 20 wooden picture frames, unfinished- for $1 each. I came up with these:

Minus the Jaq of course.

Using a little elbow grease and a bunch of wood stain, I transformed the unfinished frames into these:

The center is a piece of 4x6 kraft cardstock with a red and white patterend wrapping paper on one side. I found the wrapping paper on the Michael's clearance aisle! I picked up a couple of rolls!

I bought white cardstock numbers from a lady on ebay that I will glue in the center of each picture frame, similar to these:

Oh yeah- I'm splitting the frames with my cousin who is getting married in July.

The Math:

20 framesx $1 each = $20
-20% off of entire purchase = $16
/2 to share with my cousin = $8 for 20 frames (or $.40 each!)

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