I've been a bad at writing. It's not that I've been super busy or anything.. I think we've just been at a standstill until tomorrow when I mail out the invitations.

Yesterday was my MD shower though! It was awesome. My maid of honor Amanda hosted it at her house and John's family came, as well as a bunch of friends from the area. It was fun to see everyone together. I was a little nervous that it was going to be awkward being the center of attention and opening presents in front of people, but it wasn't bad at all. My mom actually came down from NY and surprised me too, so that was cool. I will make sure to put up pictures when I get them from Amanda.

This week we also made a couple of trips to the vet- Jaq has been having litterbox issues and I wanted to make sure that he wasn't sick before I kept yelling at him. Turns out he is fine and he was just being a brat. Since Tuesday he has been living at John's apartment and has been fine. I think he was just made at my apartment. He's always been happier at John's, so I guess he will live here for the next two months till I move in.

Last, but not least, John and I looked at a couple of houses last weekend, neither of which we were sold on. However; yesterday we looked at one that I think we both really like. Since my mom is in town unexpectadly, we are taking our parents to the house today after church. If all goes well with that, I think we are going to go get pre-approved so we can consider puttingin an offer!! Yikes! The house was supposed to close last week or two weeks ago, but those buyers started having loan issues and while the contract is not voided yet, it is in a phase called "voidable" or something- the sellers can cancel at any time- like if they like our offer.. :)

So there it is- the last week.

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