Savin' the dates for someone else..

Tonight I created some save the dates for my cousin. She is getting married on the 4th of July!

Her plan is to upload a design to VistaPrint and then have them print some postcards for her. The more detailed information will most likely be included on the back (I may end up Gocco'ing that).

Crystal is living in Florida, so she and Kelly are going for a bit of a beach theme. She will attach a magnet to the back of the postcard and then possibly tie a piece of raffia around the postcard/magnet and insert it in a cute envelope.

Here are a few versions of the postcard front that I created for her.

And my favorite:

Their names are separated by a starfish which also shows up in their monogram.

Since their entire monogram could not be incorporated on the front of the postcard, this is how I related back to that.

All of this may still be tweaked, so I will make sure to post pictures when I get the save the date in the mail!

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