Table Cards

For the table cards, I wanted to make the names/table number part as easy as possible, since it would come down to right before the wedding before I'd be able to complete these, due to RSVPs.

What I decided to do, was print the names and table numbers on mailing labels and then fold the edges around the actual table card so that it doesn't really look like a label.

To make the tent/folded card, I cut kraft cardstock into 2.25"x5" strips. The width is based on the width of the labels and the height is twice what I thought was a good proportion in relation to the width (2.5"), since they will be folded in half.

After they were cut, John used the Martha Stewart lace puncher (that we used on the invitation wraps), to lace the bottoms of the cards.

The next layer is made up of a cool red and white wrapping paper that I found on the clearance aisle of Michael's. I used this wrapping paper on the table numbers too.

I cut the wrapping paper into strips:

andd then glued them on the center of the table cards and folded the edges over:

The last step won't come until the end of December/beginning of January. We will print out each guest's name onto the labels, in addition to which table they will be seated at. We will somehow incorporate a signal as to which meal they have chosen (table number color, a gem, etc.)

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