Un-Naked Shower

Last weekend was my Maryland shower. It was at my maid of honor Amanda's house. She went all out- it was awesome. There were red balloons all over, red table cloths, tons of snacks that were all so yummy, and my favorite- a chocolate cake with chocolate frosting.


My mom surprised me and came to the shower. Since it was in NY and she lives in MD, she would have had to fly down just for the weekend. She told me that she had decided not to come and that she was attending a baby shower for a family friend the next day. While she was telling me all of this, she was emailing Amanda and John's mom to make plans to come and surprise me.

My mom and I.

I got so much awesome stuff. Right now it is all in a giant present tower in John's apartment. I haven't decided the most efficient way to put away all of the stuff.

For some pictures:

Check out that fancy wrapping job! That is Amanda on my left.

Sweet- it is now even easier to eat in front of the TV!

This was a sweet basket. It came with a poem with blank spaces that were numbered. I had to find the gift that corresponded to that number & the product's name completed the sentence. (ie. "This is the beginning of a new Era...", "Your new roommate may be no Mr. Clean...")

Me with the contents of said basket.

Playing a "Get to Know Samantha" game.
Sweet new towels and a cheese-tastic face.

Apparently a super heavy cutting board.

A SWEET set of pots and pans from a friend's mom and dad (and Amanda's future in-laws).

There was much more and it was awesome. Everyone was so generous. Now for the thank you notes...

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