Getting Ready - The Girls

Saturday morning I woke up at like 6:30.. woooo! I got dressed and headed to the hotel to pick up my maid of honor, Amanda. She was going to get her hair done with me. First we had to make a pit stop at Bruegger's for some fuel!

Hair and makeup got done & Amanda and I headed back to my parent's house for an hour or so- we had a lot of extra time!

Eventually we made our way over to church for some more fuel- Panera!! Then we basically just sat around for hours.. wooo! Finally we started getting ready & pictures started getting taken.

Dress details.
The dress & shoes.

My something blue.

The flowers showed up while we were getting dressed:

There was primping

My cousins Crystal

Pinning the maid of honor pin on Amanda

Putting on my earrings.

My sister
My sister & Crystal

Amanda fastening my pearl necklace from my grandma on me.

And then it was finally time for me to get into my dress.

It was a wee bit tight- I guess that's what happens when you can't do multiple fittings.

Crystal pushed from the front & my mom pulled from the back.

And the shoes! I love my shoes!

In the am, the hair dresser showed Amanda how to put the veil in, so she started to attack that. hurt
..a lot.
They had to find the buttons for the bustle..
Then it was time for a few bride-y pictures.
My ma.

and my dad.

A quick prayer,

a lint roll,

and veil flip practices,

and it was time to go get married!!

All pictures from Keira Lemonis.

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