The Floors

As I mentioned before, last week we had our hardwood floors refinished- here is the final result!!

P1020264 by you.

They look so good don't they? Before too long (hopefully this weekend!) we will be replacing the kitchen floor with some more vinyl peel & stick tiles. John laid out the tile next to the new floors to see how they would look:

P1020265 by you.

The piece that you see connecting the wood floors and the tile is a wood transition strip. We bought it unfinished at Lowe's and then the floors guys stained/polyurethaned it for us to match the floors. Pretty good, eh?

However; I also mentioned that there were a few issues with the flooring company. They hung a plastic sheet between the kitchen and the living room to protect the kitchen from dust I guess? (Which there shouldn't have been anyway since they use some sort of dust-free system.. so they say.) Anywho, to hang the plastic sheet, they used masking tape.. yes- masking tape on our freshly painted walls and ceiling:

P1020249 by you.

Klassy, right? They even left a little bit of the tape up there so we knew exactly what happened...

Also, while the floors look awesome and are finished now (which they really weren't before) and that's what my goal was, the floor guy promised me that they would stain the floors also and to pick what stain we wanted. We chose a dark brown (Minwax Special Walnut). We weren't able to be at the house when they started since we weren't living there yet, but the dude told us that's what it would look like.

Not so much.

P1020244 by you.
The sample on top of the actual floor.

Yes, the grain looks darker, sort of similar to the lighter areas of the sample, but that's not what we were told we would have. Boo! The owner of the company pretty much said "Yup, it looks different. They should have matched the color to the Minwax sample, not just used that stain." Oh well. They look good.

So, for maximum effect, the Before:

living room before by you.
Notice the pet stains on the left hand side.

the walls before- no baseboards by you.
Some of the beat-up-ness of the floors that are now gone.

new baseboards- still needs shoe moulding by you.
The cracks between boards.

and, the After:
P1020264 by you.

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